LEAP Ambassadors

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our incredible team of ambassadors are all leaders in health & fitness who are currently studying one of our courses. From business owners, professional athletes, social media stars and thought leaders, all of them are studying with LEAP to upskill themselves and their communities. Our ambassador scheme is open to anyone, so if you are interested in becoming a LEAP Academy ambassador please get in touch. 

Founders of Way2Wealth

Hey we are Marissa & Gabrielle Green - The Green Twins! We have always been into fitness from dance & gymnastics when we were younger, to competitive cheerleading for the last 10 years to present. We have a massive passion for motivating and empowering women to believe in themselves & have the confidence to take that first step to transforming their lives, whether that be mindset or physical. We travel a lot so have enrolled on LEAP Academy's Level 3 PT Online Specialist so we can continue to run our business from anywhere. We also want to learn about nutrition more in depth so we have also enrolled on the exercise & nutrition for a healthy lifestyle course!

Food Creator & PT In Training

My name is Jess and I am an online food/recipe content creator and aspiring online coach. Growing up I was never the sporty kid, and in my late teens I became very self conscious and overly fixated on my body image. I tried endless fad diets and would look in the mirror and pick myself apart on a daily basis. I later developed an eating disorder, over exercising and heavily restricting the type of food I ate and my overall intake. I suffered with this for just over 3 years. It wasn’t until I went through therapy, committed myself to recovering, stopped demonising food, found a love for weight training & actually fuelled my body that I felt and became everything I was promised from diet culture.

I recovered from my eating disorder almost 6 years ago and have been on my new fitness journey for just over 5. Following my recovery, Jessie May Foodie Fitness began! I wanted to create a platform where I could show people that no food should be feared or removed & nutritional, healthy food does not have to be boring and plain. Honestly, I’ve made it my mission to bridge the gap between healthy and delicious. I now want to expand on this mission and help people who may or may not have been in a similar position to me so that they too can find confidence and happiness in themselves and create a healthier lifestyle for themselves with balance and happiness being at the forefront. I strive to not only create a supportive and motivating environment for my future clients but one in which they will feel safe. My aim is to help them build confidence in themselves and develop a positive mindset towards their own fitness journey’s. 

Jess is currently studying LEAP Academy's L3 Personal Trainer Nutrition Specialist qualification

Online Coach & Content Creator

Hey I’m Aiste and I am an online female coach & content creator. I specialise in female muscle growth, fat loss and body recomposition. I have been a full time online coach now for 3 years where I have helped over 200 women transform their physiques and mindsets. My main passion lies around helping women realise that they are capable of achieving things far greater than they ever thought. Both inside the gym and outside. 

I hope to inspire women to learn that weight training not only improves their health but also helps improve their self-confidence so they can feel empowered to take on more opportunities in life and fully flourish and make the most out of life. 

As I am a female only online coach I am further enhancing my skill set by enrolling onto LEAP Academy’s Pre & Post Natal course to help women realise that their fitness goals don’t have to completely stop now that they have entered motherhood

Content Creator, Athlete & Aspiring PT

Hi my name is Louise, I started my own health & fitness journey in 2020 and went on to lose 120lbs and completely change my lifestyle! I competed in a bikini competition in 2022 and came 1st place in transformation and since then I have kept myself on track by setting goals like photo shoots! My passion is to help others realise their own potential and help them achieve their own weightloss, health and fitness goals! - Louise is studying LEAP Academy's Level 3 Personal Training Qualification.

Motivational Speaker + PT in training

Jamala Osman is an award-winning motivational speaker known for her TED talk on self-mastery and personal transformation. Having shed an impressive 45 kilograms, she is not only an advocate for overcoming physical challenges but also for breaking through mental barriers.

In addition to her speaking prowess, Jamala is on a journey to build muscle and achieve her dream physique, embodying the principles she passionately shares with audiences. As an ambassador for LEAP Academy, she extends her influence to support the organization's mission of empowering individuals to surpass their perceived limitations.

Jamala Osman's story is a testament to resilience and personal growth, inspiring others to overcome obstacles and pursue their dreams. Whether on stage, in the gym, or as a LEAP Academy ambassador, Jamala continues to impact lives with her authenticity and unwavering commitment to positive transformation.

Personal Trainer + Online Coach

I’m Vicki, I have been an Online Coach & Personal Trainer since 2021 and I am now fully booked! I have a big passion for helping clients seriously transform their physiques and make amazing progress within the gym. Weight training is where my big passion lies but I have also recently started boxing to test myself in other ways! I also enjoy prepping for photoshoots where I go through building phases and cuts. 

I am currently doing a Nutrition course with LEAP Academy to grow my knowledge further in order to help clients fuel as well as possible through different phases of their journey

Athlete, Content Creator + PT

Hey I’m Spencer, an athlete, content creator, and Personal Trainer. I understands the significance of exercise, nutrition, and mindset both in competitive and non-competitive training. Having played water polo for Great Britain and swum nationally since a young age, my sports experience enriches my approach to training others for the best results. With over six years of dedicated gym training since the age of 18, I have honed my expertise in strength training, endurance, fat loss and performance optimization. My goal is to share this wealth of health and fitness wisdom with as many individuals as possible, guiding them towards a healthier, more active lifestyle and their best selves. - Spencer is studying LEAP's L3 Personal Training qualification

Personal Trainer + Business Owner

Hayley Madigan is a motivational online fitness trainer and body confidence and mental health advocate. Her aim is to help women find their body confidence and support their mental and physical health by becoming stronger physically and mentally. She has 12 years of personal training experience and coaches women from all around the world and specialises in female hormones, amenorrhea recovery, strength training and overall health and fitness.

Hayley has a degree in Sports and Exercise Science BSc (Hons), and was a secondary school PE Teacher for 4 years. She now teaches through her online live workout app and community called Health With Hayley. She enjoys opening up the conversation around taboo subjects such as periods, self-love and empowers women to do the same! She has weight trained for 15 years, competed in Pro Natural Bodybuilding for 3 years and in 2015 won the WNBF World Championships in America. Her hobbies include paddle boarding, bouldering, hiking and exploring the world.

Registered Nurse + Crossfit Athlete

I'm Olivia Tompkins, 28, I've managed to blend my passion for health, fitness, and well-being into a fulfilling and impactful career. As a Registered Nurse based in London, I specialise in cardiothoracic care in the intense and fast-paced environment of the ICU. I utilise my knowledge and skills every day to make a real difference in my patients' lives. I believe in providing empathetic and clinically excellent care, and it's this dedication that fuels my continuous growth in my profession.

My commitment to health and well-being doesn't stop at the hospital doors. I'm also a CrossFit Level 1 coach and an avid athlete myself. Movement is medicine, and I'm passionate about sharing this with others. Through CrossFit, I aim to inspire and motivate people to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. In addition to my roles as a nurse and a coach, I'm proud to be recognised as a public figure in the health and well-being space. With this platform, I'm particularly committed to advocating for positive female body image and empowerment. I firmly believe in the importance of performance over aesthetics, and I work tirelessly to promote the message that strength, health, and confidence are far more important than conforming to societal expectations of beauty.

To further enrich my knowledge and skills, I'm currently pursuing a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist course with Leap Academy. I am excited about this opportunity as it will allow me to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to health and fitness, giving me the tools to integrate both physical training and nutritional guidance into my coaching. I believe that a balanced approach to fitness, nutrition, and mental health is the key to a truly healthy lifestyle, and I am eager to share this holistic view with others.

Personal Trainer + Mindset Coach

Adriana is a Personal Trainer turned mindset coach who is currently studying our L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Qualification. Adriana specialises in improving your body image, self esteem, and your relationship with fitness and food so you can live freely and authentically in your body. Having grown up in 8 countries, sport served as an incredible character-building and relationship-building experience for Adriana to navigate the changes. After years of consistent work within the personal training, behaviour change and emotional awareness space, Adriana has created a sustainable, compassionate, and powerful relationship with herself — viewing strength training and food through a lens of growth, not never-ending shrinking. She is now on a mission to help young women achieve the same. We Are Capable is her online fitness platform that serves intermediate weight-training women who want to strength train with anti body-shaming guidance.

PT, Professional Dancer + Business Owner

My name is Amie Harris, I am a professional dancer, business owner, athlete, content creator, online coach, and certified personal trainer by the ‘National academy of sports medicine’ with 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. I am IDTA qualified with a Ba Honours degree in Dance which enabled me to explore sports and recreation in more depth.  I am passionate for helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals through personalised training programs and lifestyle modifications. I am extremely excited to be a part of the LEAP family by expanding my education in L4 Nutrition

My expertise lies in weight loss, strength training, endurance training, etc.  I believe in creating customized workout plans online and 1-2-1 that are tailored to each client's unique needs and abilities. By focusing on proper form, technique, and progression, I aim to maximize results while minimizing the risk of injury. I strongly believe that fitness is not just about physical strength, but also about mental well-being. I strive to create a supportive and motivating environment for my clients, helping them build confidence and develop a positive mindset towards their fitness journey.

Online Coach + Content Creator

I’m Chloe and I am an online coach & content creator! I am hugely passionate about building women’s confidence and mental wellbeing, both within the gym but also day to day life! There is so much joy found in the journey and through developing knowledge in areas such as nutrition, training & taking an introspective stance. 

Chloe is currently studying LEAP Academy's Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualification. 

Personal Trainer + Online Coach

Sean is a Fitness Influencer, Online coach & Personal trainer. His background as a competitive athlete has enabled him to understand the importance of exercise, nutrition and mindset from both a competitive and non-competitive perspective. His focus has always been on mastering training, nutrition and increasing his overall knowledge in the health and fitness.
His goal is to spread this knowledge of health and fitness to as many people as possible so they can also reap the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle and become the best version of themselves. The knowledge and experience that he has have acquired in health and fitness has enabled him to help his clients, family members, colleagues and friends in several ways; whether that be in the form of one-to one sessions, creating personalised workout programs and meal plans or just general guidance when it comes to health and fitness. - Sean is studying LEAP's Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualification.

Personal Trainer + Circus-Fit Aerial Instructor

Hey I’m Hannah! I’ve been involved in performance dance and powerlifting since my teens and I love helping clients to surpass their limits and feel confident under pressure. I currently work as a Full-Time Personal Trainer in Central London, seeing around 100 amazing clients a week and also as a Circus-Fit Aerial Instructor! I’m trained as a nutrition coach and also in online personal-training and am very excited to continue my education on the L4 Nutritionist qualification with LEAP. I’m a big believer that a great body doesn’t start in the gym or kitchen but in the mind; and with a background of working in mental health for the NHS, i’m there for my clients to transform them from the inside out to become stronger, healthier and happier!

Online Coach + Fitness Influencer

Sam Golding is an online coach and group fitness instructor and is currently studying our PPN and Menopause courses. Sam is passionate about helping people, especially women with children, gain confidence in themselves and showing them a way of creating a healthier and happier lifestyle without the crash diets and spending hours in the gym.

During lockdown Sam helped friends, family and gymnasts of her gymnastics club by providing daily online fitness workouts to not only help keep them moving but more importantly to keep them positive and smiling. From then Sam has used her positive energy and knowledge to create an online community of people all over the world who work out together from the comfort of their own home, not only for the physical benefits but also the mental benefits of exercise. 

Sams mission is to help people learn and understand that working out can be fun and enjoyable and by making small consistent changes, anyone can reach their fitness goals.

Content Creator + PT in training

Hi my names Laura! I’m a content creator who aims to inspire women, help them gain confidence in the gym while working out and create a healthy habits. I am five years in my fitness journey, as an ex-horse rider who has always loved exercise I found my love for the gym and strength training in 2018. I started officially documenting my journey in lockdown 2020 as a way to keep track and motivate myself through this tough period, this quickly became a hobby which I really enjoyed and realised I was making a positive impact on others as well as my own mental health.  My biggest aim is to break the stereotypes of womens weightlifting in the fitness community and to make this a motivating space for all, making exercise as fun and enjoyable as possible! I strongly believe this is the best way to make healthy habits which are easier to maintain. Laura is currently studying LEAP Academy's L2/3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training qualification. 

Personal Trainer + Entrepreneur

Elliot is a L3 qualified personal trainer with over 11 years of training experience. After finishing university, Elliot followed his passion and started a career on social media, quickly ammassing a large audience through his fitness related content. His initial plan was to build an audience that he could drive to his coaching business, but it quickly developed into something much bigger as his channel grew to hundreds of thousands of followers on IG. 

Elliot now focuses primarily on his multiple business ventures, including a fitness app, 1-1 coaching platform, and clothing brand day to day, as well as supporting others finding their way in the health & fitness industry. 

Content Creator + Business Owner

Hi, My name is Natyler Fisher my journey into the fitness industry has been interesting to say the least. I have a sports coaching BSc honours degree which lead me to go into Pe teaching for 4 years. After I left teaching I started my own catering/ meal prep company, I had much more free time running my own business so I started going to the gym for metal health reasons and I just fell in love. Now I create content with hopes to help other beginners become confident in the gym and fall in love with the gym as much as I have. - Natyler is studying LEAP's Level 3 Personal Training Qualification.

Content Creator + PT in training

Hi I’m Francesca! I’m a content creator who aims to empower women by teaching them to love their bodies, gain confidence around exercise and create a healthy relationship with food. I’ve had a bit of a rollercoaster time with my own fitness journey. From being an overweight teenager who hated exercise and binged, to becoming unhealthily lean through restrictive dieting and over exercising, to now living my best balanced life. I feel there are so many things I wished somebody had told me at each stage of my fitness journey so now I want to be that person for others. I want to help as many other woman possible to love themselves, gain confidence, and live their best life! - Francesca is studying our L3 Personal Trainer Nutrition Specialist qualification. 

Content Creator + PT in training

Hi, I’m Becca and I am a content creator and soon to be personal trainer with a mission to help women find their confidence and learn to love their bodies inside and out. I have had quite a journey myself struggling with self love, eating disorders etc but have turned my life around with the gym. So at the start of 2022 I decided to start creating content to not only help women with fitness but also their lifestyle in general. My goal is to help as many women as possible to find happiness within themselves and their lives! - Becca is studying LEAP's L3 Personal Training Qualification.

Personal Trainer + Online Coach

Sky is a fitness fanatic who has been training for over 15 years in the gym. He is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and online fitness coach. He specialises in weight training and became driven to educate others on how to safely lift weights during their workout. During his time as a personal trainer, Sky grew his social media presence through Facebook and Instagram where his online coaching business is quickly growing! Sky is often described by clients as a friendly and approachable person.

Sky provides a number of services in the fitness realm to suit his clients needs. This includes an app to track clients progress and a platform to communicate and develop a personalised programme as well as providing nutritional advice. Sky is currently studying our Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualification.

Content Creator + Nutrition Coach

Hi, my name is Charlotte. I'm a content creator and soon to be a qualified nutrition coach who is on a mission to help women become the best version of themselves by breaking unhealthy habits instilled by fad diet cultures, and implementing a new healthier lifestyles by offering tailored meal plans and 1-2-1 coaching support.

I have been on quite a phenomenal journey myself, having lost over 6stone (89lbs) in weight in just over 10 months by changing my habits. I began sharing and documenting my weightloss journey on social media, along with my weekly meal preps with my then partner & soon found that thousands of people were interested, inspired and motivated by what i had achieved. This soon caught the attention of the media, in which i was featured on national news outlets all over the world, a TV appearance and  led to being involved in x2 sunday times best selling recipe books with one of the top publishers in the world.

I'm excited for the next few months as I expand my knowledge further by taking the L3 Personal Trainer Women's Specialist course with LEAP Academy. This will help me to upskill in being able to devise tailored fitness plans alongside nutrition plans, and this specific qualification will give me additional expertise in pre/post natal & menopausal specifics for a more tailored approach to women of a certain age. No two journeys are the same so to be able to tailor to an individuals needs & desires is very important to me.

Online Coach + Fitness Influencer

Hi, I'm Rochelle and I am an Online Coach with a passion for empowering women by giving them the tools & knowledge they need to unlock their confidence, level up their lifestyle and become the best version of themselves!

I have been through quite the journey myself from being terrified of the gym, terrified of lifting weights and being restrictive with food to finally finding my confidence, strength, balance and falling in love with fitness. Now my goal, is to help as many women as i can, to do the same by showing them that there is life outside of the fad diets, that they deserve to be strong and they can take up space in the gym!

Online Coach + Content Creator

My name's Lily and I am an Online Coach and Content Creator who specialises in helping women become the best version of themselves! From going through my own weight gain journey, to being very restrictive, I really try to encourage women to see the benefits of showing balance and sustainability in their fitness journey! I started to document my own personal journey in 2020 right at the beginning of the pandemic, and from there sparked a huge passion and interest for the gym, fighting stereotypes of girls lifting weights and overall helping women become more confident! I launched my own online coaching business at the end of 2021, and turned my passion project into my dream career. The gym and the fitness community gave me such a sense of purpose, and I can't wait to continue to help hundreds more women get the same amazing results.

Fitness Instructor + Online Coach

London born and raised, Lauren Naomi brings infectious energy to everything she does. Coming from a background in Dance and Musical Theatre Lauren is a lover for all things movement and believes everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin no matter their shape or size; movement is for everybody. After transitioning to the fitness industry 5 years ago Lauren has worked for some incredible boutique gyms in London specializing in Indoor Cycling and in 2019 had the pleasure to train and live in New York City to learn from the best. It was during the pandemic she discovered a love for movement beyond the bike and founded her online community Vibe Tribe to keep all of her clients moving together. In 2020 Lauren began her journey with Strength training and realised there is so much empowerment, for females specifically, to harness. Now working for some of the top online strength platforms, alongside Indoor Cycling, Lauren is keen to develop not only herself but also her community. She is currently completing her L3 Personal Training Qualification with LEAP Academy to make even deeper connections with individuals by showing them they can fall in love with movement and make the most out of their lives.

Online Coach + Fitness Influencer

Hi, I'm Izzy. Since starting to play team sports nearly 11 years ago, I have found my love for exercise and fitness. Fast forward to 2017, I started going to the gym and completely fell in love. Having gone through the full experience, from constantly doing cardio to learning how to lift, I want to empower others. I am studying my L2 and L3 personal training course to further my current knowledge around the gym. Once I have my qualification I hope to become an online coach so I can support women around me to become the best version of themselves. 

Personal Trainer + Fitness Influencer

Hey I’m Ro a qualified personal trainer and online coach, my goal as a coach is to empower and uplift women, whilst building there confidence in the gym and within themselves!

As a coach I provide you structure, knowledge and discipline… together we build healthy, sustainable habits. Keeping a balanced lifestyle whilst reaching your goals!

PT, Gym Owner & Online Coach

Jordan overcame hitting rock bottom after leaving the military by using fitness to rebuild his routine, discipline and confidence. Completing a 7 month deployment of Afghanistan at just 20 years old developed his mindset in a way civilian street couldn’t, as well as exposing him to a vast variety of training principles and high pressure situations. He then left to pursue a career in personal training where he worked at commercial, start up and private gyms before opening his own PT studio in Birmingham city centre.

With a major focus on mental wellbeing & quality of life, Jordan prefers to prioritise the “personal” part of personal training when it comes to his clients, understanding that if a client doesn’t feel comfortable, supported and happy; you won’t get the best out of them. His mission now is to show the world that fitness has a place in EVERYBODYS life and that it’s not solely for vanity or validation but to provide you with the tools for a better life.

Fitness Instructor + Content Creator

I am an online coach, level 2 fitness instructor & content creator who's life completely changed in 2020. I was made redundant due to the pandemic & decided to completely change my career from being a travel agent store manager to being an online coach/fitness instructor. I have transformed over 100 women's lives all over the globe from the UK, Australia, Hawaii & the USA through online coaching & this year I am looking to get into training women on a 1 to 1 basis in the gym. I really believe in getting women off spending all their gym sessions on the treadmills & getting them into the previously male dominated weights/dumbbell sections. I love teaching women about eating more, building strength & muscle and getting them away from that negative & unhealthy diet culture. I'm really looking forward to this next few months with LEAP studying their L3 Personal Training qualification & learning more about health, fitness & exercise as I feel there is always something new to learn.

Fitness Influencer

Aaliyah is a fitness influencer and MP & Hardbody athlete. Her passion for championing representation and inclusivity in fitness is what has driven her socials and she aims to create a lasting impact by paving the way for Muslim women in the fitness industry. Her focus has been on spreading knowledge and guidance through inspirational content whilst also opening up about important issues such as mental health, wellbeing and overcoming barriers to achieving your fitness goals. She aims to further extend her knowledge to be able to benefit others through her work and inspire the next generation of girls to take control of their health and wellbeing and find a love and passion for movement just as she has. 

GB International Weightlifter & BWL Coach

Jenny is a GB International Weightlifter, record holder and BWL Pathway Coach. She manages her own training alongside working as a Regional and National Youth Coach for British Weightlifting, while running an award-winning weightlifting club in Sheffield. Her ambition is to inspire people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to get involved in weightlifting, strength and fitness.

As GB Weightlifting’s youngest ever international coach and a Non-executive Director for BWL, her work sees her apply her ethos to recreational and elite athletes of all ages, across varying pathways and communities. Jenny is currently studying LEAP Academy's L2/L3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training Qualification. 

Personal Trainer

Harriet Kriehn is a qualified L2 & L3 personal trainer and has served in the British Army. In the meantime Harriet is also studying our L4 advanced sports nutrition course. 

Harriet specialises in helping those new to the fitness industry to become confident in the gym and loves to help them grow mentally & physically. Having previously served in the British Army where she developed her strength & mindset, she has found her passion to help others feel strong, happy & apart of a community. 

Having been training for the last 7 years, Harriet is now taking the next step to help her community and anyone new by increasing her knowledge.

Online Coach + Fitness Influencer

Liam has been training himself and others for over a decade. He's an online fitness coach and content creator, who works with men around the world to help them build confidence in and out of the gym. His approach is all about equipping you with the tools you need to continue to make progress long after he's stopped coaching you, prioritising long term mindset shifts over short term results. Sharing this approach online has meant he's got to work with brands such as Gymshark, Puregym, and Superdry. He's also a massive advocate for online coaching, as it gives you the confidence and autonomy to go out and train by yourself, without needing someone to hold your hand in training sessions. Liam's currently studying the LEAP L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Qualification, so that he can provide a higher quality of coaching to his clients and educate those who follow him on how to eat in a way which aids their goals, without taking the enjoyment out of life!

PT, Gym Owner, Ex-Pro Bodybuilder

Sarah is an experienced trainer who works out of her private gym with teenagers to early 80s clients. She has over 14 years experience as a PT, starting after a serious spine injury at 13 left her paralysed for over 12 months. After rehabilitating herself, Sarah started her professinoal career in rehabilitation and calisthenics before moving to power lifting and competing in body building. She placed in 8 bodybuilding shows coming 4th in Britain as natural athlete and 4th internationally, whilst also taking clients through the preparation to get in condition on stage. She now coaches sport specific training and rehabilitation again after having spine surgery in 2021.

Qualified in level 3 PT, pre and post natal, animal flow level 1, advanced mat Pilates and holistic nutrition, Sarah is a very experienced and qualified coach. Her aim is to constantly stay educated and learn, teach her clients a more holistic approach to nutrition and get her clients confident in training alone and enjoying exercise. 

Online Coach + Fitness Influencer

Tom is a Fitness Influencer & Online Coach. After years of heavy research on nutrition and correct training, Tom reaped the rewards of his own personal muscle growth journey that saw him gain over 20kg in body weight, whilst maintaining a defined physique. He then decided to pursue a career in social media and personal training in order to educate and motivate as many people as possible to start their own self improvement journey. The ever growing knowledge and experience that he accumulated, has helped in teaching men how to become the best versions of themselves.

Personal Trainer, Actor + Model

James is a London based personal trainer, actor and model. He became a qualified PT through an online programme just before the COVID19 pandemic, so only knows well the benefits of online learning in this area. James loves to serve a full out energy and motivation when it comes to coaching - just because it's difficult and challenging doesn't mean you cant have fun at the same time. 

James' long term goal is to specialise in the world of fitness, body aesthetic and the reasoning why it's held to such high esteem especially when it comes to fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Personal Trainer + Online Coach

Molly is a online coach and self love advocate. Her main goals are to help women focus on embracing balanced diets and avoiding restriction, pushing away societal standards of women and instead focusing on feeling strong and confident above all. Molly has a L3 Personal Training Qualification and 2.5 years experience in training women from all over the world from advanced lifters to complete beginners. Molly likes to brush away ‘cookie cutter’ plans and help clients get down into understanding themselves and their own individual needs within their fitness journey. Molly’s primary goal is to open women up to enjoying and embracing food, to help them find balance and create a sustainable and maintainable journey, there’s no quick fixes on Mollys team.

Online Fitness Coaches

Flora and Libby are non-identical twins who love to train, sweat, eat, and socialise. They are online fitness coaches with the desire to help individuals find their body confidence and a love for working out. They encourage people to understand the positive impacts exercise has on mental well-being not just physical health. Flora and Libby are L3 qualified personal trainers and are currently studying our L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Qualification
They both live very busy lives and focus their coaching on helping their clients reach a balanced lifestyle that works for them. This approach is perfect for those who want to learn how to incorporate their training into a busy life, making it possible for them to achieve their goals and most importantly, enjoy the journey!

NHS Specialist Nurse

Laura is a full-time NHS Specialist Nurse working 12-hour day and night shifts with a passion for health and fitness. In 2019 she decided enough was enough and lost the 3 stone she had gained through binge eating whilst at university. Since then, she has motivated and inspired thousands of people through Instagram by educating them on where to begin with a healthier lifestyle that is realistic and achievable. She teaches others that you don’t need to restrict or excessively exercise to achieve your weight loss goal and it can be accomplished even with a busy lifestyle including eating all of your favourite foods. She now has a healthy balance with exercise and nutrition and wants to coach those she has inspired. Laura is currently studying our Level 2/Level 3 Gym Instructing and Personal Training course and will be an online coach in 2023

Personal Trainer + Wellness Coach

Emmy Howell is an experienced trainer and wellness coach, having spent half a decade working with clients across the globe. Knowing that no two people are alike, Emmy takes a personalised and holistic approach in helping her clients identify and remove key roadblocks on their health and wellness journeys. Emmy focuses her practice on binge eating recovery, fat loss, weight management and muscle gain. She holds a level 3 personal trainer certification and is currently studying LEAP Academy's Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualification.

Emmy has personally struggled balancing her health & wellness with the demands of working in the corporate world and running a business, so she is acutely aware of the many struggles women face when it comes to changing their lifestyles. Her methods are codified and tailored to meet the unique challenges and struggles that her clients face on a day by day basis. More than anything, Emmy wants to empower women to make smart and intelligent choices when it comes to their health, while reclaiming the confidence and control in their lives.

Personal Trainer

With over 15 years experience as a leading Personal Trainer Lawrence is currently studying our L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Qualification. During his long standing time as a PT, Lawrence has become one of the go-to coaches in London for those looking to train effectively and intelligently. A Men’s Fitness cover model, Fiit trainer and previous rugby international, Lawrence works closely with his VIP clients in central London and with his online clients worldwide.  

With a host of experience ranging from preparing Hollywood actors for film roles, to leading workshops for military special forces or training record breaking adventurers, Lawrence is known for his abilities to incorporate high performance training methods into the fitness routines of his everyday clients. This focussed and enjoyable approach is perfect for those seeking balance in their lives but who also want lasting results. 

PT, Ex-Pro Athlete & TV Presenter

Fontaine is a former professional badminton player, ranking number 1 in England for women’s singles and top 50 in the world before she retired in 2018. She has competed all over the world representing England and Team GB, has both national and international titles as well as European team championships medals. Qualifying as a personal trainer and fitness instructor after she retired from professional sport, Fontaine worked in some of London's best gyms and fitness studios, using her skills and elite sporting experiences to help others build stronger bodies and minds.

As an athlete mentor for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust, Fontaine is passionate about helping others realise their full potential, turn setbacks into success and strive for more in their lives. Since having her baby girl in 2021, Fontaine is now pursuing her dream of combining health and fitness with her media work, most recently hosting and presenting at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Personal Trainer + Semi-Pro Rugby Player

Rhys Lewis is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer currently studying our L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Qualification. Alongside his job as a full time PT, Rhys is a semi professional rugby player representing Richmond in the English championship. After playing elite sport for many years, Rhys has gained a deep understanding of how to train, rest, refuel and recover in a way that is conducive to performing at his very best. As a result, his approach to fitness aims to keep his clients looking good, moving well and feeling great through a holistic approach that builds on lifestyle factors to produce sustainable results.

Personal Trainer

Joe Flinders is a L3 qualified personal trainer working with clients both online and 1-1. His expertise lies with training for skill in the disciplines of Calisthenics, Hand-balancing, and Functional Mobility Mechanics. Joe's experience working with clients of all ages has given his a broad subject expertise on how these methods of training can be utilised to help develop happy and healthy relationships with our bodies.

Joe believes that whilst training for aesthetics is commonly the aim, using functional training as a vehicle to help clients reach their goals is an incredible way to build on their anatomical knowledge and awareness, which aids massively with comprehension and motivation. Helping clients to see tangible improvements in ability, form, and shape is what makes him tick. For Joe, mobility is true strength and sees it as his goal to teach people the incredible benefits of training for longevity over both body and mind.

Personal Trainer + Wellness Coach

Victoria Winterford is a personal trainer and wellness coach, currently studying our L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition Qualification. As a wellness coach Victoria focuses on working with clients from the inside out through mind, body and spirit to become the best possible version of themselves. Coming from a disordered eating background, Victoria has managed to not only turn her life around, but also help so many others do the same, putting a huge focus on not just fitness, but also what we put into our bodies, how we see ourselves and how we can improve our overall confidence.

Victoria used her experience of working in TV and Media to share her story and create a likeminded community of people who can speak openly about their struggles, providing support and guidance on their journey. Victoria is on a mission to grow a safe space and make a positive impact on as many individuals as possible, supporting them to be the best they can be.

Personal Trainer

Michaela Keeling is a qualified L3 personal trainer, ex-gymnast and artistic gymnastics coach. Michaela specialises in movement mechanics, functional strength training and mobility. Growing up as a gymnast, Michaela learnt the importance of developing discipline and a strong mindset from a very young age. She has 13 years of coaching experience and 6 years studying exercise science under her belt. 

Michaela is now on a mission to help others learn to explore their capabilities and level up their life through believing in themselves and improving their mindset towards exercise. She believes that every single person is so much stronger than they think and capable of so much more than they believe - both mentally and physically. Michaela runs regular community fitness programs, helping to support and guide individuals looking to level up their lives through exercise. 

Personal Trainer + Actress

LJ is a London based l3 qualified personal trainer and actress. Coming from a performance background, she has harnessed her love for all things movement, and now coaches at one of the top boutique fitness gyms in the world, whilst also coaching for the incredible online community that is club five specialising in boxing, spin and HIIT. She is currently completing her pre and post-natal qualification and is about to start her L4 advanced nutrition qualification. As a trainer, LJ aims to give her clients the opportunity to surprise themselves and push the boundaries of what they think their body can do. She will help you to move with understanding and overall, to walk away with a smile on your face.