L4 Nutritionist Package

Qualify With a Level 3 and Level 4 Certificate In Nutrition

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Become A Qualified Level 4 Nutritionist Study online in your spare time

Over the past decade the interest and awareness around the importance of nutrition has increased rapidly, with more and more people looking for nutrition advice within the wellness industry. The supply of quality nutrition professionals has not kept pace with the demand, meaning it is a very sought after skillset. With this Level 4 Nutritionist course, you will gain Level 3 and Level 4 Nutrition qualifications, setting you up for success in your future career as a Nutritional Advisor. Delivered by industry leading fitness & nutrition professionals, the course will cover all the fundamentals of diet & nutrition, whilst deep diving into the popular subject of Sports Nutrition. 

  • 300 Guided Learning Hours
    300 Guided Learning Hours
  • 15 Units
    15 Units
  • 100% Online
    100% Online

Course overview

This Nutritionist Package includes the Level 3 Certificate in Diet and Nutrition, and the Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletic performance (Advanced Sports Nutrition). By completing this course you will qualify as a Level 3 and Level 4 Nutritionist at the same time, allowing you to offer one to one nutrition advise and diet plans to your clients. 

Our team of industry leading professionals will lead you through your course modules, sharing their tips and advice for success in the industry. They'll also teach you the fundamental skills you need to be a quality Nutrition Advisor. By the end of these courses you will be ready to enter the wellness industry with a wealth of knowledge to share with your clients. 

Below are the key topics covered in each course:
Level 3 Diet & Nutrition
  • Dietary planning for specific needs
  • Food additives and labelling
  • Nutritional needs of children and young people
  • Nutritional requirements of older adults
  • Principles of healthy eating
  • Roles and responsibilities when providing nutritional advice
  • Weight management

Level 4 Advanced Sport Nutrition
  • Systems of the human body
  • Human metabolism
  • Fuelling for athletic performance 
  • Common diets and food labelling
  • Strategising nutritional goals for clients 

You can find out more detailed information about the course contents, team and potential career opportunities in the tabs above. Or alternatively, register your interest on the form below and we will send you further information.

What sets us apart from other training providers is that all our courses are developed and delivered by industry experts who are all currently leading the way in their industry. You will be taught through a combination of written materials, interactive learning elements and course videos which help teach important information in an engaging and fun way. Check out the video below for a example of the content you can expect in this course

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Level 3 Diet & Nutrition

Unit 1: Dietary planning for specific needs 

  1. Understand the nutritional needs of individuals with special dietary requirements 
  2. Understand obstacles to adhering to a specific diet 
  3. Be able to plan meals for a specific dietary requirement 

Unit 2: Food additives and labelling 

  1. Understand food and drink labelling
  2. Be able to analyse food labels 
  3. Understand the use of food additives 

Unit 3: Principles of nutrition 

  1. Understand the process of digestion
  2. Understand the role of nutrients in the body

Unit 4: Nutrition for sport and exercise   

  1. Understand the body’s energy systems in relation to sport and exercise
  2. Understand the role of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in sport and exercise
  3. Understand the role of micronutrients in sport and exercise
  4. Understand the importance of hydration for sport and exercise
  5. Understand the principles of nutrition planning for sport and exercise
  6. Be able to plan an effective diet for a selected sport or exercise programme

Unit 5: Nutritional needs of children and young people

  1. Understand the nutritional needs of children and young people
  2. Understand the benefits of healthy eating for children and young people
  3. Understand obstacles to healthy eating for children and young people
  4. Be able to plan to improve the nutritional health of children and young people 

Unit 6: Nutritional requirements of older adults  

  1. Understand the nutritional needs of older adults
  2. Understand the benefits of healthy eating for older adults
  3. Understand obstacles to healthy eating for older adults
  4. Be able to plan to improvements in the nutritional health of older adults

Unit 7: Apply principles of healthy eating  

  1. Understand guidance on healthy eating
  2. Understand the components of a healthy diet 
  3. Understand the links between nutrition and health
  4. Understand how to promote healthy eating 
  5. Be able to apply the principles of healthy eating 

Unit 8: Understanding roles and responsibilities for providing nutritional advice  

  1. Understand occupational roles and responsibilities in relation to nutritional guidance 
  2. Understand own responsibilities in relation to providing nutritional guidance 

Unit 9: Weight management   

  1. Understand the principles of weight control
  2. Understand eating disorders
  3. Understand approaches to weight management
  4. Be able to plan a weight management programme for an individual 

Level 4 Advanced Sport Nutrition

Unit 1: Systems of the Human Body 

  1. The structure and function of the skin & skeletal system 
  2. The structure and function of the nervous and muscular system
  3. The structure and function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  4. The structure and function of the endocrine system
  5. The structure and function of the digestive and urinary systems
  6. The structure and function of the reproductive and lymphatic systems

Unit 2: Human metabolism, the energy balance and the currency of calories 

  1. Energy balance and the human body
  2. How the body stores and uses carbohydrates 
  3. How the body stores and uses protein 
  4. How the body stores and uses fat
  5. How the body stores energy
  6. The importance of hydration and water
  7. Vitamins and minerals for exercise 

Unit 3: Applied Nutrition for Health

  1. Nutrition for physical activity 
  2. Carbohydrates and the glycaemic index
  3. The role of proteins
  4. Fats and their role with athletes 
  5. The role of micronutrients                    

Unit 4: Fuelling for athletic performance 

  1. Hydration, water and sweat loss
  2. The role of metabolism in the body 
  3. The use of fuel before exercise 
  4. The use of fuel during exercise
  5. The use of fuel after exercise 

Unit 5: Common diets, food labelling and the effects of marketing 

  1. National food and nutritional government guidelines 
  2. The rules of food labelling
  3. Common diets 
  4. Food allergies and intolerances 
  5. Analysing food diaries and fluid intake 
  6. How to implement nutritional change 
  7. Professional standards for nutritional advice 

Unit 6: Supplemental aids and strategising nutritional goals for clients 

  1. How to agree and set nutritional goals 
  2. Pre and post competition nutritional strategies 
  3. Supplementation for nutrition 
  4. Illegal supplements (Anabolics/fat burners) 


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meet your team

Leap Academy courses are designed and delivered by experts and professionals who are all big personalities in the health and fitness industry. Each course leader has been specifically chosen due to their knowledge, personality and leading reputation to ensure the course content is top quality, but also highly engaging. Read more about each course leader below and which courses they have helped create and deliver

Online Personal Trainer + Business Owner

Talilla is an online fitness instructor and Personal Trainer, and coaches the LEAP Academy Level 2 Gym Instructing, Level 3 Personal Training and Level 4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualifications. She has an extensive career in the fitness industry and has built her own online health and fitness club from scratch. Read more about her amazing journey below:

L4 Advanced Sport Nutrition
Personal Trainer + Business Owner

James is an online fitness coach and teaches the LEAP Academy L2 Gym Instructing, L3 Personal Training and L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualifications. His online coaching has a strong emphasis on a 360 approach to health including mindset and nutrition based on his own personal journey. Read more about his story below:

L4 Advanced Sport Nutrition
Nutritional Expert + Food Influencer

Emily is a well known food influencer who creates delicious and nutritious recipes for her large following. As an expert in human metabolism, she teaches the LEAP Academy L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualification. Read more about her story below:

L4 Advanced Sport Nutrition
L3 Diet & Nutrition
Specialist Registered Dietitian

Nichola is a Specialist Registered Dietitian with over 14 years of clinical experience, and leads on the LEAP Academy Level 3 Diet & Nutrition qualification. Nichola is a highly respected dietitian, is a published author in the Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics, and is a reguarly speaker at events. Read more about Nichola's career and journey below:

L3 Diet & Nutrition


There is no experience or previous qualifications required to enrol on this nutrition package! We welcome learners of all experience levels.

This is an entry level qualification package to nutrition which means you will be taught absolutely everything you need to know and do not require any previous knowledge or experience.


Each unit will be assessed through a combination of methods based on the course content. 

Units are assessed through a combination of multiple-choice assessments, written assessments, and reflection documents. Don't worry, we will walk you through each assessments as they arrive to ensure you are fully prepared.

You will have unlimited free assessment resits throughout this qualification package. 



Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded the Level 3 Certificate in Diet & Nutrition (RQF), accredited by Innovate Awarding, and the Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Management and Athletics Performance (RQF), acredited by Focus Awards

Innovate Awarding and Focus Awards are Ofqual regulated awarding organisations with an innovative and dynamic approach. They develop off-the-shelf, customised and fully bespoke qualifications across a growing number of sectors, all of which are on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).


This course provides an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the nutrition industry, or any fitness professionals who want to expand their knowledge base. You will gain the skills and knowledge to build bespoke nutritional plans for clients in a fitness environment, as well as give more generalised nutrition advice to a range of clients in a non-fitness environment. Upon completion of this course package you wil be able to start work as a Nutritional Advisor and start attracting clients.

If this is your first health and fitness qualification, then you can also take the knowledge you gained from this course into further study with one of our other related courses and qualifications. Getting a better understanding of physical activity with our L2 Gym Instructing or L3 Personal Training qualification are a great place to begin.

Note: This course does not qualify you to diagnoses or treat nutritional deficiences or diseases. Throughout the course you will gain an understanding of when to refer clients on to a dietitian, doctor or other health care professional.


course options

You will have access to weekly live and on-demand classes with professional Personal Trainers

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What our students say…

I am currently doing my Level 3 PT Course and bbsolutely loving it! Leap has made the course interesting and engaging. The content is explained in a very digestible form, and there are videos further break it down to help mix up the learning. The coaches that teach the content are all very relatable and understanding making them very approachable with any issues you are having. The Live sessions and social pages also make it easy to communicate with peers and course coaches, allowing you to ask any questions you have which is amazing!I would highly recommend going with LEAP to do any courses you are interested in!


Everything from the coursework to the incredible teachers has been great fun and made me eager to come back and continue the course.
The trainers are all so lovely and helpful and the course itself is so in depth and informative it’s awesome!!


I am currently in the process of doing my Level 2/3 PT course. I have been considering it for a while. Now I have started I love the way it is set up. The support you get from the trainers is bar non. I love how you can just do it in your own pace, it can take you a few months or 10 months, all depends on when you are able to do it. Thank you for everything so far. Looking forward to seeing what’s to come.


If you’re looking for a place to complete your courses within the health & wellness industry then look no further than Leap Academy!! I was looking to pursue my dream career as a PT but wasn’t sure where I was best to do them until Leap academy came along and it’s the most interactive and supportive community of learners & demonstrators. It’s so hands on and filled with different formats to mix up your learning which makes it so much more engaging and easier to learn! They also have live online classes where you can ask your trainers questions in real time and get to know your peers and makes you really feel part of the academy. I’ve had so much support from the team and recently passed my unit 1 exam for my level 2/3 PT course & I’m overjoyed!