Emily Solman

Nutritional Expert + Food Influencer

Get To Know Emily

Emily is a well known food influencer who creates delicious and nutritious recipes for her large following. As an expert in human metabolism, she teaches the LEAP Academy L4 Advanced Sports Nutrition qualification. Read more about her story below:

Emily is an influencer and first class biological sciences graduate, with an expertise in human metabolism. She amassed a large online following through her relatable dietary advice and walk-through recipe videos. Emily has completed her L4 Sports Nutrition qualification and is studying a Master's degree in Women's Health. She is also currently studying the Leap Academy Personal Training course and has helped designed and deliver the L4 Nutrition qualification

Career Timeline: 

  • 2016 - Decided to travel the world to find my passion 
  • 2017 - Started a degree in biological sciences
  • 2019 - Placement year with Sainsbury's nutrition team
  • 2021 - Reached 100k on instagram
  • 2021 - Graduated with a first class degree
  • 2021 - Started the LEAP nutrition course
  • 2021- Joined LEAP Academy as a course leader
  • 2022 - Applying for a Masters in Endocrinology 

"My goal is to make people feel as happy as possible and encourage healthy habits in a way that works for each individual, rather than one standard approach!"