Get Prepared For Your Anatomy & Physiology Exam

07 / June / 2022

If you have made your way here chances are you are looking for anatomy and physiology quizzes for the level 2 gym instructor qualification (or level 3 personal training), and you’re in the right place! We want to prepare our learners in the best possible way for their exams, that is why we have built quizzes into the course so you can test your knowledge as you go. This is a great opportunity to identify any gaps or areas you might need additional support. 

The assessment for unit 1 anatomy and physiology is a Multiple Choice Theory Exam which you complete at the end of the unit. In this post you will find examples of the quizzes, the answers can be found at the bottom, but no cheating!!


There are 15 quizzes in our Anatomy & Physiology unit to test your knowledge on each topic. You can do the quizzes as many times as you want, so if you get to the end of the unit and want to recap this is a great place to start. Here is a taster of the quizzes you can expect to see in our course:

Quiz 1

1. How many types of vessels make up the cardiovascular system? 

  • Four
  • Five 
  • Six  

2. How many bones does the skeleton have?

  • 185
  • 300
  • 206 

3. Red marrow is replaced by what other type of marrow in long done?

  • Blue 
  • Green 
  • Yellow  

4. Which postural deviation, due to slouching, presents as an excessive outward curvature of the spine?

  • Increased pelvic tilt
  • Hyperlordosis
  • Hyperkyphosis 
  • Round shoulders 

5. Saddle joints allow what sort of movement?

  • Side to side movement 
  • Rotation
  • Extension 
  • Abduction 

6. What sort of joint action takes place when bending a knee? 

  • Abduction 
  • Flexion 
  • Circumduction 
  • Rotation 

7. In a healthy adult, how long does the digestive process take?

  • 12-16 hours
  • Over three days
  • 24-72 hours 

8. What does the aerobic system rely on in order to break down carbohydrates and fats?

  • The presence of water
  • The presence of  oxygen 
  • The presence of diary 

9. What is the all or none law?

  • Individual muscle fibres do not partially contract, they either contract fully or not at all
  • Individual muscle fibres are able to partially contract, fully contract and not at all 
  • Individual muscle fibres can only contract fullt when force is applied

10. Where are the cardiac muscles found? 

  • In the heart
  • In the lungs
  • In the abdomen 
  • In the lower half of the body 

Ok guys there you have it, a taster of the quizzes that will prepare you for the Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 Gym Instructor exam. We hope this has been helpful, good luck with your exam! 



1. Five
2. 206 (correct) 
3. Yellow (correct) 
4. Hyperkyphosis (correct) 
5. Side to side movement (correct) 
6. Flexion (correct) 
7. 24-72 hours (correct) 
8. The presence of  oxygen (correct) 
9. Individual muscle fibres do not partially contract, they either contract fully or not at all (correct) 
10. In the heart (correct)