19 / July / 2022

In the fabulous modern world of social media and google at our fingertips, it can be hard to know what information to actually believe?! Is it the top result on google or your favourite influencer? Well, look no further, our team of experts have years of experience and if we do say so ourselves, are the best! In this series of short blogs, we will be busting some common myths within the Health and Fitness industry. Let’s get stuck in…..


Carbs are the enemy

One of the biggest misconceptions is that carbs are evil, and that this macronutrient should be cut out if you are trying to lose weight. This isn't true at all because weight/ fat-loss relies on a calorie deficit. Carbs play a vital role in maintaining and fuelling a healthy body. They also taste amazing. Some people need more carbs than others to stay energised throughout the day, but we never need to cut them out! If you have a trainer that is telling you to step away from the carbs and not eat them AT ALL, that is a big red flag. Food is fuel, without fueling your body sufficiently, you will burn out.

Rest is overrated

The fitness world can be a 'more is better' kind of place, with people hitting pb's and smashing their goals every day, which means we should never rest, right? Well actually no, rest is CRUCIAL for our body to rebuild and recover. Our muscles need time to repair and grow in order for us to see results. If you have hit a brick wall with your training, consider whether you are programming in enough rest, your body might just thank you for it!

Fasted training is king

Something we hear a lot is fasted training burns more calories than non-fasted cardio, which is a big fat myth. This really comes down to personal preference- some people need to eat before their morning workout to have enough energy to train. Others prefer to exercise on an empty stomach. We are all unique, but the point is, you are not going to burn 100 calories more just because you skipped breakfast. So do YOU.

There you have it, our first instalment of myth busting. We hope you enjoyed these and can share some wisdom with your family, friends and future clients. Stay tuned for more.

Team LEAP Academy