01 / August / 2022

We are back for our second instalment of myth busting! If you missed our first one be sure to go back and check it out.


Sweat is essential

You need to be dripping with sweat to have had a worthwhile workout, right? WRONG. This is a common misconception. We all know that a sweaty workout can make you feel on top of the world, however, it is not fundamental to progress or an indicator of success. And some people naturally sweat more than others. If your resistance or flexibility session got your body moving and you feel good for it, then you are winning!

Extreme diets work wonders

We see new diets launching constantly in the fitness industry and they are NOT the answer to getting results. Fad diets, detox teas and pills are usually a marketing ploy to sell you an easy fix. When it comes to weight loss, the principle is simple and unfortunately not magic- a calorie deficit. This doesn’t mean we advocate extreme calorie deceits either, developing a healthy, balanced and sustainable nutrition plan is key.

Targeted fat loss

We've all seen videos on exercises that 'target' fat loss in certain areas. Unfortunately it's all lies. Next time you see someone doing a sit up trying to lose stomach fat, feel free to call them out. Everybody is different- our genetics determine where we hold fat and we can’t choose where we lose it. However effective training can support definition of certain areas and being in a calorie deficit is the answer to overall fat loss.

We hope you are enjoying busting myths with us, we certainly are!

Team LEAP Academy