13 / September / 2022

You know the drill by now, we are here busting myths and developing well educated health and fitness professionals. If you missed our first two myth busting blogs check them out.


Lifting weights makes you bulky

We WISH it was that easy to build muscle, imagine lifting a 5kg dumbbell a few times a week and being hench?! However, building muscle takes a lot of dedication, heavy weights and LOADS of protein. Women in particular can be scared of the weights area of the gym because of the misconception that weights = 'bulky' / massive muscles. Genetically that won't happen to the average gym-goer and remember that lifting weights is an important training method. #strongnotskinny

No pain, no gain

If you're not throwing up in a bin and crying by the end of your session it was a waste of time, right? WRONG.

For some people pushing themselves to the absolute physical limits is enjoyable and a challenge, for others just moving their body a little each day is enough. If you focus on your workouts 'destroying' your body each session, you're doing it wrong. Some of your workouts won't be great, but showing up consistently to move your body and making that a HABIT is what's important.

Stretching is overrated

So many people sack off their end of session stretch because they see it as a waste of time. As tempting as it might be to skip that 15-minute stretch, your body will thank you if you don't. Stretching and mobilising the joints and muscles before and after a workout will improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Increased mobility allows us to get greater range in certain exercises and protects the longevity of our training.

Thank you for tuning in again, we will be back shortly busting more myths!

Team LEAP Academy