Small Group Personal Training

20 / July / 2022
Small Group Personal Training

When you qualify as a personal trainer, you can take your career in so many different directions, one of those is small group personal training sessions. If you love motivating people and have a passion for developing a community, this could be for you!


Wes Santos, a leading London personal trainer and LEAP Academy expert ran a live session in our Facebook Group, spilling all his secrets on how he has created an amazing business based on small group training. 


"Small group personal training mixed with high energy fitness is revolutionising the boutique fitness market and by all accounts, it’s here to stay. The days of a loud class with some jazzy lights and a back-breaking workout are gone. Consumers understand that to get results they need somewhere that is going to encourage consistency, accountability, proper coaching and a community that makes them want to walk through the gym doors every day. Flexible timetables, high-quality coaching, dynamic training environments, ongoing wellness support and a real focus on the community are allowing small group PT gyms to flourish in the post covid fitness scene" - Wes Santos, Founder at Instate Fitness 


If you have a passion for fitness, love seeing people support each other and become the best versions of themselves, check out our range of courses: 


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